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A Revalutionary Wetting Agent For One Step Cotton Woven Pretreatment


A Revalutionary Wetting Agent  For One Step Cotton Woven Pretreatment

Dekawet creates significant difference than its equivalents because of its innovative features. A special active matter of Dekawet is activated in the bleaching bath, reacted with the starch molecule and decreases the polimerization degree. Lower polimerization degree let the starch molecules to be transfered and dispersed easily. Therefore at the washing step starch can be easily removed. There will be no need for any other additional process.

  • It provides desizing and bleaching in one step.
  • No necessary enzymatic desizing processes.
  • No necessary oxidative process (no need using persulphate salt)
  • It removes starch and PVA sizing agents. Tegewa is 5+.
  • Good whiteness degree is obtained.
  • It does not cause strenght losses.
  • It is suitable for dyeing and printing preparing process. It gives good and homogenous hydrophilicity after bleaching thus obtained excellent homogenous dyeing.Woven fabric’s head-end differences are eliminated in dyeing by means of efficient desizing and excellent hydrophilicity.

It prevents of dye migration and yellowing because of wet batching.

It is suitable Cold Pad Batch and Continue Pad-Steam bleaching process.


Dekawet and Dekawet STB works together in the bleaching bath.

Dekawet is a new technology wetting agent and its degrade starch and PVA in the bleaching bath.Also its wetting the fabric and gives it incredible hydrophilicity.

Dekawet STB is a most effective peroxide stabilizer and specially designed for work in one step cotton woven pretreatment.


Cold Pad Batch Bleaching Recipe  (%100 Cotton)


DEKAWET             : 8-10 g/l

DEKAWET STB     : 3-4 g/l

NaOH (48 OBe)       : 60-90 g/l

H2O2(%50)            : 50-90 g/l

Pick up . min. %80


Batching time 16-20 hours and continue hot washing


  • 120 kg drum
  • 950 kg IBC


The ‘Best use before end’ date of each batch is shown on the product label.